Integrated Marketing

This ad from McGraw-Hill is a classic from 1958, and I believe it’s still valid. Does your organization’s marketing answer these questions?

I’m a firm believer in advertising — properly researched and efficiently targeted toward the right audience — as part of a fully integrated approach.  Your behavior in the marketplace — how you do business — and all your outreach methods and tactics need to be fully coordinated. Advertising, events, e-mails, public relations and Web sites — all need to work in union with your objectives. Every day, everywhere you do business.

Need to build a campaign team inside your organization? I can come in as a “marketing coach” and bring out the best in your people. Let’s focus on the details, yet keep an eye on the “big picture.” Whether you need to adjust your market positioning or simply take advantage of a specific opportunity in your industry, I can help you come up with a creative, effective solution.

I’m a corporate communications consultant with more than twenty years experience in business-to-business marketing, including seven in publishing and ten in commercial space & satellite services. I also ran a privately-held commercial & graphic art studio some time ago.

Today, I’m helping professionals, non-profits and small businesses establish contemporary Web sites.  How you present your organization or business via the Internet is more important than ever. I can help you build an online presence your customers and stakeholders will appreciate and make your organization more successful.

Take a look at some of my recent work, and read my online resume for some highlights from the past. Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Web sites and social media
  • Public relations and reputation management
  • Supporting materials (brochures, collateral, videos)
  • Outreach mailings and lead generation programs
  • Engaging events and more effective trade shows

I’m available for short- and long-term projects, tailored to your needs. Call me at 609-933-3578. I’d love to hear from you.