Whatever business you’re in, your customers are your best friends. Engage them with a more open approach to how you do business.

I can help you enhance — or even reset — your marketing efforts with fresh ideas and contemporary methods to make your business more interesting, your customers more aware of what you do, and, ideally, increase revenue. Now that’s love.

Whether you need your current marketing programs to become more coordinated or you want to embark on a simpler path toward a fully integrated communications plan, I can help you succeed with:

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Web sites and social media
  • Public relations and reputation management
  • Supporting materials (brochures, collateral, videos)
  • Outreach mailings and lead generation programs
  • Engaging events and more effective trade shows

I’ve worked with non-profits, professional services, telecommunications, building trades, retail, designers — some businesses large, some small. Each has a unique perspective, and I’ve found ways to improve their marketing in unique ways.

I’m available to help at any time, so call me whenever you like: 609-933-3578.  I’d be excited to work with you.

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