Web Sites for Lawyers

During my nine months working on-site at LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell in 2013, I designed, composed and edited over 200 websites for lawyers and law firms using the Weebly CMS platform. Here’s a sampling of those sites…

Hurley Stanners LLC

Benz Law Firm

Harris Ginsberg LLC

Kleeman Kremen Family Lawyers

Law Offices of Marilyn J. W. Cesarano, P.A.

Robert Peterson, Attorney at Law

Theodore P. Stein, Esquire

The Law Offices of Ayanna L. Jenkins Toney

The Law Offices of Joseph E. Bowman

Mediation & Law Office of Paula M. Lawhon

Weinberg & Weinberg LLP

Chioini Law Group

Christopher N. Smith, L.L.C.

Heyde Law Offices, P.C.

Cross & Lieberman, P.A.

Daniel D. Holliday, III — Attorney at Law LLC

McHard & Associates, PLLC

David A. Kotzian PLLC

Declues, Burkett & Thompson, LLP

F. C. Coyner

Lisa L. Collins, Attorney at Law

Gail S. Kotowski

Galasso, Kimler, & Muir, P.C.

Garrison Environmental Law Practice

Goldberg, Scudieri & Lindenberg, P.C.

Holly B. Safronoff PC

Hwang & Haas, PC

Ira S. Carlin, Attorney at Law

Jeffrey C. Miller

Joan S. Bauman

Katz and Seligman

Law Office of James H. Halpin, Jr., LLC

Law Offices of Leonard H. Shapiro

Litvak Beasley & Wilson, LLP

Reid, Burge, Prevallet & Coleman

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