I’m particularly fond of the Eastern European tradition of mushroom picking after a rainfall.  The tradition is alive and well, I’m happy to report. As children, we’d hike through the woods for hours looking for edible mushrooms — and we’re passing it on to the next generation. The chanterelles (“lysychky” in Ukrainian, meaning foxes) pictured above were found beside an apple tree, ten meters away from our house in Lexington. The photo, incidently, was taken by my new iPhone 3GS.

There’s something rejuvenating about spending time in the mountains. Is it the clean, fresh air? The natural, unspoiled  beauty? Definitely. Add to that the lack of artificial noise and lack of light pollution at night, and you’ve really got a wonderful combination. In the summer, we meet up with our friends in the area at our near-secret swimming spot on the Schoharie Creek…

You know what else is special? No televisions. Kids keep busy for hours without it. Can you picture it? I can.

I used to spend my entire summer in the northern portion of Catskill State Park, in Greene County, New York. To this day, I still enjoy it and return rejuvenated, with my creative juices flowing.

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  1. hntrnycReply

    NIce shot and nice post. It still amazes me that such an enchanted world exists just over a 100 miles from the city.

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