Learning Never Ends

One of my favorite sayings is “learning never ends.” During my years at Smithsonian magazine, we asked our editor, Don Moser, to come up with a slogan. He gave us those three words.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

I get an intellectual charge out of new ideas and new ways of doing things. For a marketing person, that’s good. Creativity is like a river — always flowing.

As with learning, relearning can be a personal stimulus as well. I first played guitar at age 7, then stopped at 22 or so. Now I made a point to learn it all over again. Bought a new Silvertone guitar at a Sam Goody’s that was going out of business. My guitar-playing friends have told it’s the best-sounding $40 guitar in the world. I’d like to learn the Bob Marley song “One Love” next. Beautiful song; always liked it.

Here’s a unique rendition from Playing For Change (yes, their “Stand By Me” was featured on CNN the other night)…


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